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Substance Use Disorder:

Having a substance use disorder doesn’t mean you are weak or you are morally flawed. Most people don’t understand that being an addict doesn’t mean you’re weak. It doesn’t mean you aren’t motivated to change.  It means that your brain is being hi-jacked!   Once you learn the tools to train your brain to resist drugs and/or alcohol, you will no longer crave and obsess over unhealthy substances.  Lifelong sobriety is attainable and enjoyable! Most treatment programs are still using interventions that keep your brain focused on your problems, not the solutions.  It’s time for you to release the grip addiction has on you!  It’s time for you to understand you are not powerless, if you have the desire and motivation to recover, you can!  With a little time and effort, a couple times a week, you will learn the strategies for healing your brain and living an abstinent lifestyle.  You can transform your life and achieve your goals.  It’s time for you to stop getting high on drugs or alcohol and start getting high on life!  

Quick Alcohol Assessment:

Quick substance abuse assessment:   

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Depression, Anxiety and Trauma Related Symptoms:

Having a mental health disorder can be debilitating at times. And trying to find medications to manage symptoms can be a long, frustrating process. But you are not alone.  About one in four people suffer from a mental health  disorder.  I am happy to report, thanks to several break throughs in the brain sciences, we have learned many symptoms can actually improve quickly and naturally. Even severe symptoms resulting from PTSD, Panic Disorders and Major Depression can improve significantly.  By implementing new neuroscience interventions, proper nutrients and exercise, you can start to feel better within a few sessions. You don’t have to be a victim any longer! You can live a happy, healthy, productive life. If you had a broken leg, you’d get  a cast put on it, right? Don’t let your mental health symptoms prevent you from reaching your potential and becoming the best version of you!  

Quick depression assessment: 

 Quick anxiety assessment:

Quick trauma assessment:

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Self confidence:

Having low self confidence holds you hostage from becoming the person you are meant to be!  Everything from your relationships, your career and even your self image are being compromised.  Whether you are broken due to mental,  physical, addiction or relationship circumstances, you can build your personal power and charisma to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  By using new neuroscience interventions, within a couple of sessions you will start to feel more self confident.   You will notice yourself being more positive and secure in your decision making abilities.  You will be standing taller and viewing the world with a new perspective. You will have the motivation for achieving your personal and professional goals and dreams.   And at the end of the day, you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and love the person looking back at you!

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Image Consulting:

Leave a lasting impression! Whether you are looking to reinvent yourself or just want to improve your inner and outer beauty, a few sessions can help you learn how to showcase your natural strengths, talents and features for  improving your relationships, your sex appeal, your career and your overall happiness and wellbeing.  

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Performance Enhancement:

Whether you are an athlete training for an event, a performer rehearsing for a play or concert, a professional preparing for a speech or an exam, or even just someone who wants to improve at a task, doing a “performance  enhancement” session will allow you to show up already being a pro!  Performance enhancement will improve your confidence and start building the muscle memory and brain pathways needed for your event. By doing mental rehearsal and using new neuroscience interventions,  the brain is kept in an alpha wave state, which accelerates learning, memory and relaxation. This is a super efficient way to train for any type of event! When you show up for your actual event, you will have already perfected it, in your mind and in your  body.  

Melinda Coscarelli, LADC PhD
Coscarelli Consulting, LLC        


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